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Monday, March 10, 2014

Sweetheart Ripple Square

The third and most famous of the patterns from the book Reversible Ripple Afghans by Kim Guzman!

First off, I should not have used pink and purple for this. It would have looked much nicer with a dark and light color, and only one of them should be bright, not both. I saw some over on Ravelry that were rainbow or other great color combinations, and so if I decide to make this in the future I will try one of those other color combinations instead.

I like this pattern, and this "square" turned out much better than the previous two. I switched to a J hook instead of an I hook, and crocheted much looser. I think this helped with the horrific holes that appeared in many of the stitches before, and made it considerably larger.

Another thing I noticed is that this pattern is actually worked upside down. When in progress, the hearts are actually little carrot (^) symbols. This confused me for a long time and I thought I was doing the pattern wrong! I suppose that having the hearts be upside down for the crocheter provides a view for any onlookers?

I used a J hook and Caron Simply Soft Watermelon and Iris yarns.



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