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Monday, October 29, 2012

Snow Bear Scoodie Update

Snow Bear Scoodie pattern is by Dearest Debi.

I've been busy lately so I haven't gotten to do much with this project. This post is almost more to remind myself to edit the pattern than for anyone else, but I figured people might be interested if they chose to undertake this project the same way I did.

Because the Paton Bohemian yarn is size 6 rather than size 5, my hood is turning out much larger than I think it is supposed to. It seems almost the correct size after only 14 rows, and I know going to 27 rows will make a tablecloth at this rate. What I'll do is measure using the gauge to determine where I need to begin making the straight edge (where the hood attaches to the scarf), and take out rows up to there. I'll also have to determine how many stitches would be appropriate for the length of the edge; 6 stitches might be too many for my yarn choice.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Snow Bear Scoodie

I've been looking for a hat/scarf/pockets pattern like this for a while, so when I saw it on Ravelry by Dearest Debi, I knew I had to make it! I already had the yarn in mind: Paton Bohemian. I chose Hypnotic Haze, with the goal of making a snow leopard-colored hat. I bought one skein of the yarn to begin with, simply to make sure that I was able to work with the super bulky yarn. I don't know if I'll be able to go back to any other kinds now, because it's just so soft and silky. My first skein of 68 yards made the first 8.75 rounds of the hood. I'm hoping that I won't need a full 10 skeins, so I'm buying them slowly, but I also don't want to mess up my project by getting different lot numbers. The pattern suggests a K hook, so I used that. I would have upped the hook to an L but I don't actually own one still.

Here's the photo from Dearest Debi's project: (Click to see pattern!)

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Pinkloid Yellow/Green

I decided to try again at making a Pinkloid. This time I used pale yellow yarn with spring green wing edges. Because my pink Pinkloid came out a bit too big, I used an F hook instead of a G hook. I hoped that would cut down on extra spacing in order to make the body more compact, and the feet smaller.

This one turned out quite a bit smaller, which I like. The first one was far too large. The feet still seemed too big, but they did look better this time. I wasn't sure how the green would look, but I think it makes the Pinkloid look Tinkerbell-esque!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crochet Kitten

I made this crochet kitten a few weeks ago, according to the pattern by MarmaladeRose.

I decided to make it black and white to experiment with changing colors for the first time. It didn't come out perfectly, but then again I was mostly using it as a guide for future kitties if I wanted to do more color patterns. I forgot to make a face in my haste to get it stuffed. The head doesn't quite sit straight because I sewed the chin to the body, then realized the face was leaning forward. I got lazy so I didn't redo it or try to fix it very well. I'm not too sad because it was a good learning experience for me, in attaching pieces. The tail was very difficult because it was my first time working with black yarn in the round, and I ended up with lots of extra and missed stitches. Next time, I might try making a tail stitching together a few rows instead of working in the round.

One quirky thing about this cat in particular is that I used two different types of yarn I found from years ago. The white yarn is quite rough, but the black yarn is slicker and softer, and almost thinner. That made the sizing difficult, as the black rows tended to be more narrow than white rows. The white parts were also considerably stiffer.

In the future I'd like to make more of these kitties in different patterns, with actual faces and heads that don't flop forward.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pinkloid Pink/Purple

I'm still working on my next big project, but I felt like I needed a break so I made this cute Pinkloid by Karissa Cole. It was fun and fast to make. I think it took me around 3 hours total.

I decided to make my first one pink with purple wing outlines and antennae. The body's a bit larger than the pattern, but I probably just stuffed it too much. I did have a bit of trouble with the antennae. The pattern says to do 3hdc in the second ch, but that made my antennae have larger tips than those in the pattern pictures.

If you look closely you'll notice that the Pinkloid's right eye has two googlies in it! I used google eyes because I couldn't find any 8 or 9mm safety eyes, but I did go to my local crafts store and found 12mm safety eyes for only 79 cents for 3 pair! I'll have to find somewhere to get smaller eyes for these tiny projects.

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Tiny Whale

This tiny blue whale was my first attempt at amigurumi. The pattern is Tiny Whale, by June Gilbank. I had previously made scarves, but hadn't crocheted anything in the round. I think it turned out pretty okay, except maybe the tail. I think my stitches were too tight to weave in the ends, so it turned out lumpy. Perhaps I'll try making another whale in another color to try out making the tail again.

It took me a while to get the pictures because it took me a few weeks to get eyes to glue on! After failing with Aleen's glue, I picked up some Fabri-Tac. That did the trick!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Since I'm in the middle of a project and won't be finished for a while, I figured I'd post pictures from my second project: Plumeria by June Gilbank! I'm a huge fan of her works. My first ever project was her Tiny Whale (pics coming as soon as I get some eyes glued on).

My plumeria is plain, but as this was my second project (and first multiple piece project), I didn't know how to change colors and wasn't up to the challenge at the time. I didn't add the backing either, but the backside doesn't look too horrible anyway. The thing I love about this plumeria is that I used Red Heart Super Soft in off-white, so it turned out silky and shiny!

I plan on making more of these plumerias in the future, perhaps as gifts for Christmas!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Cat Corpse Hat

Last night I finished my Cat Corpse Hat! I used this pattern, originally by Witchy Wiche.

I made some changes to the pattern. I used the front leg pattern for the back legs instead of dealing with the triple stitches, which would have given the legs large holes for fluff to fall out. I also made the hat itself a bit shorter, as stuff touching my forehead makes me itch and sneeze for some reason. It took about 1/2 of a skein of Craft Smart Aran Fleck yarn, using an H hook.

When I wore this out and about, just about everyone that saw it stared, and several commented about how cute it was!

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