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Monday, May 19, 2014

Post Stitches Afghan

Since I started my 99 Post Stitches project, I wanted to make the squares into two afghans. For the first I collected together all the lighter-weight squares, and the heavier, thicker squares will go into the second afghan.

First I joined the squares into rows, and joined them with slip stitch. I picked a few colors and used those to attach all the squares touching those colors, then did the same for all the remaining colors. I slip stitched the rows together with white yarn, and tried to make the corners of each square line up. Once that was done, I finished the afghan off with a row of white single crochet around the outside for a simple edging.

The front looks very clean, as I only used the back loops for the joins.

I like the white lines on the back, and wonder if I should use white for all the joins on my next afghan, instead of matching colors.

The finished afghan measures 60" by 48" almost perfectly!

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