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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Blue Ripple Afghan

I made this afghan for my friend's wedding. She got married back in July, but it took me a few months to pick a pattern and the yarn I wanted. I finally got some nice yarn on Black Friday, so I started soon after that. I finally finished! It was a simple pattern, and was relatively quick compared to my previous blanket.

The pattern I picked was the Easy Ripple Pattern by SusanB. I used 9 total skeins of Red Heart With Love yarn; 3 skeins each of White, Peacock, and Bluebell. In the end, the blanket measured 56" by 64", and used every last bit of the white, slightly less than 3 skeins each of the blues. I was really worried about running out of white to make the last few rows, and at first wanted to make a border, but since I had just enough white, I decided it looked good enough without a border.

The color pattern I decided to use was 4 rows per light blue block and 8 rows each for the dark blue and white blocks. I wanted to make the blanket simple and not too busy by alternating colors more often. The plus side is that there were fewer threads to weave in at the end!

This picture doesn't capture the colors quite right, but the picture above is more true-to-color.

Right from the beginning I loved how the blanket looked and felt, and I hope my friend enjoys it as much as I do!

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