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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Snow Bear Scoodie Update 2

Snow Bear Scoodie pattern is by Dearest Debi.
See my original post on the Snow Bear Scoodie.

I finally finished the hood and scarf on the scoodie! I had to adjust the pattern by starting the straight edge at round 9 (round 11 of the original pattern). Additionally, I only made 17 rounds total. The hood is a bit large, but I quite like it that way. I prefer it slightly large rather than tight.

The hood used a bit over two balls of yarn. The scarf used the rest of the third ball, plus three more. I ran out of yarn exactly at the end of my scarf, which was lucky. I used black yarn to stitch the pockets together, then I turned the pockets inside out so the "seam" is on the inside of the pocket. I used a long tail I had left on the end of the hood to stitch the hood to the scarf.

The hood by itself took just over two balls. I continued with the same ball of yarn to making the scarf. The scarf took three balls plus the extra from the hood, so the hood and scarf took six balls total. I still need one more skein for the ears. I possibly could have had enough had I further reduced the number of stitches in the hood, but I like it larger.

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