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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Easy Double Crochet Donation Hats

Ever since I moved to LA, I've wanted to crochet hats for babies at the UCLA Hospital. I finally got around to going to the NICU and asked about crocheted hats for the newborns and preemies, and they were very excited at the prospect. Since they didn't have any specific yarn material or color preferences, I decided I'd make a lot of different colors with different brands of yarn.

I started out with a Caron One Pound test, to see whether I could soften up the hats by washing (since I know that the cheaper yarns aren't exactly soft enough for sensitive baby heads right off the skein). Luckily after a wash and two dry cycles, it came out incredibly soft and plush. I went ahead and made some more hats from Craftsmart and Red Heart Super Saver to test as well. The Red Heart got softer, but the Craftsmart didn't. A few of the hats are miscellaneous yarns I got on the clearance rack at Michaels that were incredibly soft and plush.

Overall I made something like 28 hats! Phew!

Here are the patterns I used, mostly preemie and newborn but I also made a few of the larger ones.

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