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Thursday, January 30, 2014

99 Days of Crochet - Day 5 Posted Chevrons

I was excited to start the Posted Chevrons stitch; it looked very neat in the picture. Mine didn't turn out quite the same level of goodness, but it still looks pretty nice I think! I used Lion Brand Pound of Love Spring Green, with a K hook. I probably should have used a darker yarn for this pattern so it would show up better, and a smaller hook would have made it neater but I am trying to make all the squares 7' x 9' and have to get the number of stitches right to make the size I want.

I really like this stitch and can imagine making all sorts of different patterns with it: squares, circles, letters, and more! The back also gets an interesting texture in the same pattern as the front. This would be a great stitch to use for an afghan, especially for different shapes. Concentric squares might be interesting!


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