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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Brocade Ripple Square

I bought the book Reversible Ripple Afghans by Kim Guzman and wanted to try out each pattern before committing to any one blanket (single crocheting an entire blanket takes a long time!).

The pattern is fairly simple, and is almost all simple single crochet, with just a few front post stitches to make the pattern. Most of the rows have the same instructions so it's easy to go into autopilot with this one! I like the colors I chose, but the red might be a bit bright for an entire blanket. I think I needed to use a larger hook, though.

I learned a lot while making this, specifically how to determine how many stitches are in the repeat using just the pattern, because I wanted to make a square with only 3 repeats and the book doesn't give starting chain numbers other than for the full afghan size. I also gained more experience with determining where single crochet posts are and how to figure out which one I want.

I used an I hook, and Caron Simply Soft White and Autumn Red yarns.



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