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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Vanilla Cream Ripple Square

Another square from the book Reversible Ripple Afghans by Kim Guzman!

This one is pretty nice, but I don't really like this color combination. I actually did the front post stitches around the ones in the previous rows, instead of around the post from the single crochets instead (though I did it like the single crochet posts in the last two instances, top left). I think I like it more the way I did it, because they stand out a bit more and are more uniform width from post to post.

I wonder how it would look with only one front post stitch (notice there are two?).

I used Caron Simply Soft White, Autumn Red, and Sunshine yarns with an I hook. Again, I should have used a larger hook and crocheted more loosely, so I'll do that for the next square.



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