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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Piano Key Scarf

I've wanted to make the Piano Key Scarf by Rachel Choi since I first started crocheting, but I never thought I was good enough. Finally after doing so much crocheting lately, I took a look at it again, and decided I was ready. This scarf was a present for my best friend because she loves to play piano!

Each key took a long time to do because of all the color changes, but after a few rows I didn't need to look at the pattern anymore to figure out what to do next; it was easy to figure out which row I needed to work and when. Sometimes I'd find myself pausing for a moment and thinking "what am I doing?" and then I'd realize I was already doing the correct keys, without even noticing!

I made a few changes based on azabuey's 88 keys pattern, namely adding some rows to the beginning and end, and 12 stitches for the black keys and 8 stitches for the white keys instead of 10 each.
Note: all additions are using front loop only and referenced rows are those in the original pattern.
After row 2:
2a: work row 3
2b: work row 4
2c: work row 9
2d: work row 10
Continue with row 3, following instructions for 7 repeats of 3 and 2 key sets, then continue as follows (after row 7 as the original pattern suggests):
Continue with rows 8 through 10
Work rows 3 through 7
Finish off.

I chose a reverse single crochet stitch for the border, to give it a bit of interesting texture but not distract from the overall pattern. It was my first time attempting this stitch, and I think it came out well! I really like how swirly it looks, and since it doesn't make a flat border, tiny fluctuations in the edges aren't as noticeable.

I used an H hook and Caron Simply Soft White and Black yarns. I used about 3 ounces of White and 2 ounces of Black, which equals about 105 yards of Black and 160 yards of White. The finished product was 52 inches long and 5 inches wide.

Here's a picture of some of her crocheted Zelda collection! The 3DS case is missing though.

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